About Us

Knappster Solutions LLC is a limited liability company, started in 2004 by Marty Knapp. Our primary focus is check printing software and check printing supplies. Our staff strives for excellent customer service, endeavoring to treat customers the way we like to be treated ourselves.

After years of looking for Mac check printing software with no success, we finally decided to build a “quick and dirty” version to use in-house. Then we thought that maybe there were other Mac users out there that would be interested in it. So we worked on it for about a year, striving to make it very easy to use with lots of nice features. We released “CheckBuilderPro” in the Fall of 2010 – the first commercially available check printing program for Macintosh! And it’s now available for Windows too.

Marty’s first computer was a Mac SE/30 and he immediately took an interest in programming. In his spare time, Marty enjoys the outdoors, camping in his vintage Airstream trailer and building custom electric guitars.