The focus of Knappster Solutions LLC™ is finance/check printing software. Our products CheckBuilderPro™ and its add-on BatchBuilder™ are available for both Macintosh® and Windows®. For more information about these products, follow the links to the respective product. If you have any questions, just let us know.

CheckBuilderPro3™ – Finance/check printing software For Macintosh® and Windows® is great for home and small business use. You can print blank checks for use in other programs, print on pre-printed* checks or print complete checks in one pass on blank check paper. It keeps a check register and you can reconcile bank statements and print finance reports – all in an easy “checkbook” style app. The Mac version requires macOS 10.9 or newer and works with “Big Sur.” The Windows version requires Windows 7 or newer (Windows 10 recommended). Visit CheckBuilderPro for more info.

*Pre-printed checks must be in sheet form, 8.5 x 11 (you cannot print on checks torn from a checkbook). Business checks must be perforated at 3.5″ and wallet-style checks must be perforated at 2-7/8″ in order to work.

BatchBuilder™ – An add-on product for CheckBuilderPro™. If you track payee data in a spreadsheet and need to print checks for them, we’ve made life much easier for you! Just export your spreadsheet to a csv or tab file. Then drag and drop it into BatchBuilder™ where you set the “data designators” – assigning each column to its appropriate designation as payee, amount, etc. BatchBuilder then feeds the data into CheckBuilderPro™, automating the check printing process. No more re-typing all those payees!

BatchBuilder is an add-on product and requires CheckBuilderpro. Affordably priced, it could pay for itself with just one use! Get more info about BatchBuilder.